Mia Za’s Italian Cafe

The mission of Mia Za’s is to bring fresh, healthy food to college students, fast! All meals are made to order with fresh ingredients, but are produced as quickly as a fast food order. The dining experience is to be exciting and unique, bringing customers back again and again.

Developing an efficient layout was challenged by the building conditions, a long and narrow lease space within a 1950s era building. The challenge was to fit a welcoming, lively, efficient restaurant into something resembling a bowling alley.

A curving indoor streetscape was created to guide customers who arrive in surges related to class schedules and bring them into the heart of the restaurant. Seating is provided along the lively indoor street or in quiet recesses. The sense of movement created by curved walls, floor and ceiling patterns makes the space feel wider than it is while drawing customers into the core of the space.

Design elements use surfaces, lighting, colors, textures and very three dimensional elements giving depth and excitement to a youth oriented space.

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Project Details

Location: Iowa City, IA

Photos by Chris Joyner Studio