KONTEXT architects provides a wide variety of professional services inclusive of all engineering disciplines. We intend to bring together a team of talented industry professionals to directly address our clients’ needs and support our philosophy of building relationships. Our clients benefit from well-orchestrated project solutions that prioritize their expectations.

Pre-Design Services

These services include building assessments, feasibility studies, maintenance programming, site analysis, and code/zoning research. Our clients benefit from early critical and accurate information that is attributive to key early decision making.

Allow us to help you define the problem, possible solutions, and potential investment in order to better inform and justify the next step.

Schematic Design Services

This service includes taking the problem and giving it life, color, texture and shape; communicated through a wide range of mediums from hand sketches to computer generated illustration. Our clients benefit from our artistry and unique talents.

Allow us to help you to bring excitement to the pragmatic!

Design Development and Construction Documents

This service a systematic approach to communicating solutions defined in predesign and schematic design in a manner that skilled and talented craftsman and women can construct them and officials will approve. Our clients benefit from technically accurate documentation suitable from a wide range of project delivery approaches.

Allow us to help you translate that vision to documents and materials that limits risk without losing sight of that very vision.

Bidding and Negotiation

There are existing numerous project delivery models, or rather different ways to accomplish the physical construction of a project. Functionally, when are these skilled craftsmen and craftswomen retained and become an integral part in the process?

Allow us to help participate in the process of retaining the best individuals to complete the team; for without them, the vision is incomplete.

Construction Administration

These services include a wide range of opportunities to help you navigate the construction process. Minimally we are required to provide construction observation frequently enough for us to testify to the code compliance of the structure as it relates to your responsibility to obtain an occupancy permit. However, we offer comprehensive construction administration and services normally expected of our public clients.

Allow us to be an integral and active part of the construction team. Give us the opportunity to help you realize your vision.


Numerous years of providing services to clients with multiple building inventories, we have developed special skill sets and expertise in certain subject matters. Active and past clients include other design professionals, building owners and contractors. These subject matters include Historic Preservation, Building Envelope Technology, and Security Design. We have been specially recognized for our work with historic structures by the AIA.

Allow us share this knowledge and expertise with you as we have done for a wide variety of client types