Thanksgiving and Blessings

Thanksgiving and Blessings

Season of Thanksgiving and Blessings.

Too often I forget to give thanks for the blessings I enjoy in my day-to-day; blessings inclusive of relationships, profession, and faith.   Seemingly like most, I get wrapped up in a harried life and distracted with the clutter of tasks, projects, leading a small firm, and races.  

Today, I am reflecting on and thankful for a seed planted many years ago…  Before, I realized that a desire and calling to architecture there was this, a birthday gift:  the “Girder and Panel Building Set.”   Yes, you can still find on EBay as an antique collector’s item.

I recall vividly teaming with a close friend to design and construct our first mini baseball stadium.   Ironically, we did not share a favorite team.  Rather, we were arch rivals: Cardinals / Phillies.   Bob Forsch versus Steve Carlton produced many disagreements.

So, today I give thanks for the blessings of:

  • Opportunity of discovery and purpose.
  • Companionship of close friends in that common purpose, even if we are different.
  • Excitement for the future, grounded in a faith that together in community and common purpose we can accomplish anything.

....Even between baseball rivals.