For our little mission, a particular challenge accompanying the restrictions of the last year, was physical presence:   Our ability to lean over a shared drafting table, throw ink and ideas to tracing paper, and challenge each other’s conclusions.  Learn from each other.


“Iron Sharpening Iron”


Beyond the immediate insecurities of the market, finances and security, this was my #1 concern for our staff.  Of course, we were concerned about our health and physical well-being.   But fundamentally, as problem solvers, a significant part of our mental well-being is our engagement in this very gift, with others.


I was blessed with two incredible mentors early in my carrier.   Dale, a life coach and an incredible designer.   Paul, a gifted leader and connector.   Today, I believe that the seeds of success sowed by them are bearing fruit today.


As evidenced from my corner of the office, it makes me proud to simply listen to our work family exchange ideas, critique each other, and share experience.  Mentorship, not only for the purpose of teaching, but a unique opportunity to learn. 


“When one person mentors, two lives are changed.”  Kevin Sessums