In this season, we are encouraged to focus on those things in our lives to be thankful for:  our health, family, friends, and opportunities.  Recently, I reviewed excerpts of a study that strongly suggests that modest beginnings may result in a more thankful attitude today.   As for the siblings and I, we would like to believe that despite our modest beginnings, the sincere gratitude for our successes would not be different.


Likewise, KONTEXT architects started in a makeshift office in a small home in Sun Prairie, at a time (2008) where some architectural firms did not survive.  Many of us, left the design profession altogether.    So yes, notwithstanding some stressful times, we at KONTEXT are extremely thankful for where we are today.   We have grown a small staff who enjoy working with each other day, found clients we cherish who hope for our success as we do theirs, met very gifted tradespeople who we respect deeply, and participate in fascinating projects. 


 After a year of unprecedented challenges and the uncertainty of what the next will bring, it is looking forward with a grateful heart that we always see hope.   Along the way, I believe that staying true to our core values, values grounding in our desire to “Build Relationships,” is our foundation.  However, it is those who give us a chance that we are sincerely thankful.


 (Thank you, Myranda, I think, for finally getting me to move on writing this little blog… And putting in my calendar to author another every other week..)