After all, it really is simple.

Our day to day contentment and sense of peace is often a direct result of who we spend our time with.  Yes, we should all experience joy and accomplishment in a product, in innovation, adequate resources: something tangible, something we can wrap our hands around.

Shall I be so bold to ask the question: Without substance within the personal relationships developed with those very people - the ones that support our desire to enjoy the tangible, is our happiness and peace sustainable?

Over five years ago, I started this little venture, KONTEXT architects with that very question forefront in my mind. My desire was to build something foundationally supported by the personal relationships with those we work with - clients, co-workers, consultants, contractors…. The Team. Of course, we are all human and broken on some level, challenging the desire. This provides us opportunity to shape something deeper and more meaningful. Relationships built on trust, selfless commitment, and advocacy.

We are convinced that outstanding architecture and solid balance sheets; the tangible - is a direct result of the relationships we build. This endeavor was born upon these very relationships. We intend to continue to foster and care for them while we grow into others. Otherwise, we will become just another commodity; another service.

Over the next five years, I do not intend to change the company convictions on this matter. We will continue growing - conservatively focusing on recruiting and retaining talented professionals, ones that understand these very convictions. Furthermore, we will continue to hone and expand our technical skills to bridge the gap between relationship and product. We are convinced that our clients benefit from a well informed and executed product. Additionally, they should enjoy contentment and peace in the experience of getting there with us.

For those of you that are familiar with us, we have recently updated our website and have given our brand a new look. 

Our intent is not to reinvent ourselves or stray from our convictions. The intent is to clarify and simplify our message. After all, it really is simple.