Hotel Hilton

In the early 1900’s, Beloit’s business leaders saw the need for a first class hotel to stimulate the economy in their growing city. The Hotel Hilton served as the premier hotel in the city for over 60 years and was a proud addition that brought famous clientele to Beloit. This landmark turn of the century hotel, which had been standing empty for a number of years, was targeted as the perfect place to begin the re-birth of Beloit’s downtown.

Reborn in the new century with luxury apartments and Turtle Creek Bookstore, the renovation has been hailed as the “Best Historic Renovation” by the Downtown Beloit Association. The project has also won an award for “Best Historic Renovation” from the Wisconsin Main Street Program proving that 444 East Grand has once again become the finest address in Beloit.

With the facade restored to evoke its original appearance and a parking structure constructed adjacent to the building to serve the project, Beloit’s downtown is on its way back into the limelight. Architecture Network, Inc. is proud to have been the architects for this very important historic renovation.

Project Details

Location: Beloit, WI